Camping lists, made easy.

Make a packing list of shared stuff for your camping group, and invite your friends to claim the stuff they’re bringing.

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How it works
Make a Trip
Create your own trip page and add a packing list.
Invite Your Party
Invite your camping party, claim to bring items for the group, & ask to borrow stuff.
Show up with everything needed for a good time.

Save time and effort

Lists allow easy organization of the who, what, when, where of packing.

You'll easily organize the group list, but also you're able to have a checklist of your personal items. For both lists you're able to cross out individual items. Check off items as you pack!

(Screenshot: Trip page showing group list and personal lists.)

Communicate with everyone in the group.

Everyone on the trip has access to the group messenger/chat.

Organized real-time group communication in one place. No need for SMS, emails, apps. Everything can be done on one screen.

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